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ASRE membership provides reliable technical information, accredited education and transforming relationships for your life and career. Whether you are a professional, a student or a corporate leader, ASRE offers benefits and resources for your personal and professional goals. An ASRE membership is an easy, affordable way to:
Gain the support to make your job easier
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A membership in ASRE gives you every imaginable edge you seek in your career. ASRE offers exclusive membership benefits and resources that can assist members throughout their personal and professional lives:
  • ASRE-Community – Find authoritative answers on properties, processing, analysis and testing, and any other research related question with fellow researchers, scientist and professional engineers.
  • ASRE chapters, communities and affiliates – Network with peers at our industry conferences and expositions. Build new friendships at social events
  • Volunteer Opportunities - Take an active role in the leadership of ASRE
  • Group Discount Program – Discover special pricing on services like magazines, shipping, and conferences and workshops.
  • ASRE Career Center – View new job opportunities and build your career.
  • ASRE Member Directory – Access colleagues and experts in your field.
  • ASRE Archive – Research past projects with this archive of ASRE journals and magazines.
  • Reference Materials – Enjoy instant access to popular reference materials, such as images, databases, evaluations, charts, diagrams and research papers.
  • Free Online Journals – Get full-text access to years of Transactions and other journals.
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    Whether you are a student, an emerging or seasoned science professional, or a corporate leader, there's a place for new members of every interest and stage of career in engineering and sciences.

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    With an individual membership in ASRE, you can keep pace with advanced technical information, invigorating conferences, supportive personal, professional networks, and accredited education. Join ASRE fast and affordably. Your ideas could provide global solutions!

    University/College Student Membership

    ASRE membership for college and university students is provided through a special program called ASRE Advantage. This program allows students to have low cost of $110 a year! As a participant, you will have access to ASRE member benefits and scholarship programs.
    Associate Member - for those who have completed their initial professional education and would like to work towards Chartered status.
    Professional Member - recognises members' professional competence and confers Chartered status.
    Fellowship - this is awarded to senior members of ASRE recognising their talent, expertise and particular contribution to the profession.

    Corporate Membership

    As a respected industry leader and influencer, you and your company are invited to join other top companies to build greater materials science knowledge and promote research, training, the exchange of ideas and professional membership. Learn more about the new corporate membership option!

    Affiliate Membership

    ASRE Affiliate Societies provide focused leadership, services, and events in specific areas of technical interest, from heat treating to shape memory alloys. Enhance you career. Connect with colleagues and other experts in your field. Join an affiliate society today!

    Member for Life Membership

    This discounted rate is available to members who support the principles and goals of ASRE and prefer to pay a one-time fee to avoid ever having to renew.
    Retired - Existing Professional Members or Fellows can apply for reduced subscriptions on their retirement (some conditions apply). For Membership Application form and Detail Guideline please  Contact Us.
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