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Many organizations have started working with high end softwares. However, they need skilled engineers who can use these softwares to deliver the desired results. Our training programs are designed to meet requirements of individuals as well as corporate customers. Currently ASRE has its main focus on technical and leadership trainings. 

Why train with us?

Our learning and development programmes will help technical professionals transform their careers and make a perceptible improvement in performance. Here are the top eight reasons why one should join us.

Industry Standards

All our courses are mapped against the Institution’s high standards. This means that you will get the relevant skills you and your employers need.

Up-to-date content

We are constantly updating our course content and developing new programmes to reflect the latest industry developments and techniques. 

Practical skills to improve performance

Our courses are driven by the practical needs of technical professionals and the industries in which they work. Our courses will provide you with practical tools and techniques that can be put to use immediately.

Expert tutors

Our course trainers are highly skilled professionals who combine academic expertise with significant business and industry experience.

All-inclusive pricing/excellent support materials

We believe in value for money and transparent pricing - there are no additional costs to pay on top of the prices quoted.

Advice and support

We have highly experienced advisors who can help you select the course that’s right for you or your team. Contact us at training@asre.res.infor more information.

Tailored and customized options

We can offer bespoke learning programmes to meet a particular corporate brief, strategy or organizational need. For more information, contact us at

Choice of training venue

Training is delivered in a variety of locations, including the Institution’s head office or at another location such as requested. Our tailored programmes for businesses can be delivered on-site, including globally. 

Technical Training

We provide educational opportunities covering numerous engineering and technical disciplines and offer them in many different ways (platforms) both on and offline. Our instructors are experts in their fields with some of them having even authored the codes and standards that they teach. 

Engineering essentials


Scientist and engineers are increasingly taking responsibilities outside of their traditional technical remit, particularly in leading teams, projects and commercial endeavors.

To help you meet these challenges, ASRE provides training in three key leadership and management disciplines, developing all aspects of professional skill set in addition to their scientific and technical knowledge. 

In the constant search to a become better, more technically competent engineer; it’s easy to forget one of the things that makes an engineer stand out: having the skills to deal with people effectively. These skills are important throughout an engineer’s career, particularly as they take on more responsibilities and develop professional relationships at more senior levels in both their own organisation and others such as customers and suppliers. 

Leading self programmes focus on these skills, enabling engineers to develop and hone them through by first understanding their current ‘natural’ style, then exploring and developing other ways of approaching these tasks when appropriate. By being able to display leadership in personal professional development, an engineer will have taken the first step towards leading individuals, teams and a business effectively and successfully 

Improve business outcomes whilst meeting technical objectives

There is a need for any engineer to widen their area of expertise outside of the technical arena. For the overwhelming majority of engineering organisations, and organisations which hire engineers, there is an overriding commercial objective to their operations; being commercially aware and senior.

Whether you are a project manager undertaking a new venture, leading a business unit to meet objectives or aspiring to more senior management roles, you can make a greater impact in your organisation by seizing the opportunity to improve business outcomes in addition to completing technical objectives.

Certificate Programs

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Conduct Training

For conducting training at your premises or sponsoring your employees please Contact Us. 

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